Hydrogen Peroxide

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Fixed calipers by Wilwood offer unmatched stopping power. The pistons in fixed calipers are located on both sides of the disc, allowing for evenly distributed clamping force. They apply more squeezing...

  • Purity: 0.025m³
  • Appearance: backhoe
  • Usage: 1235mm
  • Place of Origin: 380mm
  • Package: 930mm
  • Port: 180mm
  • Quantity (tons): 2550mm

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Classification: Hydrogen Peroxide 

CAS No.: 7722-84-1

MF: H2O2

Purity:35% 50% 60% 

Appearance: Transparent Liquid 

UN No.:2014 

Package: IBC tank 


Uses:The use of hydrogen peroxide is divided into three types: medical, military and industrial. 

Daily disinfection is medical hydrogen peroxide. Medical hydrogen peroxide can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, and pathogenic yeasts. It is generally used for surface disinfection of objects.It is used as a bleaching agent for cotton fabrics in the printing and dyeing industry, and high-concentration hydrogen peroxide can be used as a combustion aid for rocket power.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated warehouse. The indoor temperature should not exceed 30°C, and keep away from fire and heat sources.

Drilled Holes and Slots create an escape route for debris, dust, gases, and water
Slots clean and de-glaze pad surface for optimum pad coefficient of friction
Drilled rotors improve the appearance of your wheels and provide reduced rotor weight
2-Piece rotors offer great weight savings and provide rapid heat dissipation compared to 1-piece rotors
Vented type of rotors offer much faster heat dissipation
Multi-piston calipers provide clamping force on both sides of the rotor at the same time and uniformly transfer braking force to the brake pads
Caliper pistons are hollow to save weight
Aluminum caliper body allows for exceptional light weight (up to 40% of weight savings) and ensures superior corrosion resistance
Caliper heat-resistant coating prevent cracking and fading

Fixed calipers create friction from the brake pads on both sides of the rotor at time interval
This Street Performance Drilled and Slotted Brake Kit provides increased levels of strong braking. The complete package includes drilled and slotted rotors, premium brake pads and calipers representing the latest racing technology. The calipers are available in various finishes to reflect your individual style. Originally used for serious competitions because of their advanced cooling capacity, drilled and slotted rotors now became popular in street applications for their pure aesthetic value. Whether you have a daily driver or something ready for the show, this Street Performance Drilled and Slotted Brake Kit is what you need to get optimized braking performance.

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